She Drives... so you don't have to.

She Drives… so you don’t have to. 

Have you ever come back from holiday and wished that you didn’t have to go to the offsite parking to pick up your car? To then brave the M25 ‘car park’ which these days leads you to the M20 Road works?  ‘All I want is a cup of tea and to kick my shoes off’ AND you have to listen to the traffic alerts, or the kids squabbling in the back of the car.  Instead, let She Drives take the strain and allow you to relax.

Customers reviews

'Thank you Sue for driving myself and a number of wedding colleagues to France..and bringing us home again'
Karina O'Donnell
'Sue drove my family and I to the airport and picked us up. She was very professional, personable, reliable and friendly. I would without a doubt recommend Sue to anyone'
Danielle Barton
'Sue is a lovely lady who is very dedicated to ensure you have a great trip and arrive in plenty of time to your destination'
Maxine Taylor

Where we go


All London airports covered.


Ashford International, Ebbsfleet International, Canterbury


Eurotunnel Folkestone, Ferry Services Dover


Parties, Weddings, Races, Sporting Events and Concerts/Festivals

She Drives… so you don’t have to.